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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday May 30, 2020 - Certified website

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Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

In your career (professional life + financial side of things), your initiatives will be good, your choices judicious and your efforts fruitful (paid work and/or profitable investments). Your successes will even exceed most of your expectations (sometimes by a lot). You have the advantage of being a visionary person and you will therefore always be master of your destiny (of your future). You will stand out from the masses with your bold decisions and surprise some of the greatest sceptics of this world. People will love you and will have great confidence in you. Be careful, though, with your romantic initiatives. Work (or business) and love do not always mix well. You will be able to live your life fully, but you will have to be careful at all times. In love, you are an intense person, so your love life will (inevitably) have an impact on your professional life, as much on your energy as on your vulnerabilities. You will therefore have to be selective and as a consequence you will have difficult choices to make (or painful decisions to take).
A woman will submit a business proposal to you. It’s a friend who is part of your close friends’ circle. This woman's (obvious) main qualities are: honesty and great energy at work. She also stands out for her passion at the sentimental level and her constant feeling of insecurity (highs and lows), which is often palpable in her love life. This woman has a great ability to communicate with people and her influence on others is often decisive in public meetings as well as in private encounters. With her or because of her, you will live an event which is rare in the life of a human being and which will encourage you to deepen your knowledge or skills in preparation for a truly exceptional business opportunity. This opportunity is very serious and it could significantly change your life course depending on the decisions you’ll make in the coming months.
Your happiness will last because you will maintain it. It will therefore be the result of a multitude of challenges and several regroupings. You will throw yourself into many adventures, and chance will make it right. At the professional level, you will be entrusted with all sorts of tasks, and they will all be most interesting. You will complete many projects, and with a lot of talent and a strong will, you will achieve many people’s dreams. You will be admired, and you will be wanted everywhere. You will be offered all sorts of opportunities, but you will mainly excel at a social level. You will therefore be happy because you will manage to succeed at everything and please (almost) everyone. You will constantly be looking for new discoveries, and nothing will nourish you more than innovation, nature and pleasant surprises. You are a person who loves history and the arts, and you will clearly show this through your temperament and your commitments. As a result, you will travel a lot because it will be a necessity for you.


You will be granted a great deliverance. This deliverance has to do with an old disagreement between you and a man who is somewhat younger than you. You have been living with a misunderstanding that has lasted for years, and you will finally be reconciled. You will have a frank and constructive discussion and you will be relieved of a crushing burden that you have had for all this time. The problem that you have been living with this man will be corrected, and a durable peace will be established. Together, you will show yourselves to be reasonable and you will both make compromises. You will show decisive leadership and, on both sides, goodwill will prevail over mistrust. It is on your honour that you will come to an agreement and you will both be much better for it. A legal contract or document will be sign and it will attest to your agreement.

Even though you’re currently in love (reciprocal love), your emotional situation seems difficult. A problem currently affecting you seems serious enough to compromise your happiness with the person you love. This problem stems from someone (m/f) from your recent past who isn’t acting right (or respectfully) with you. This person is frustrated or jealous and is keeping you from blossoming in your current love life. This has to do with someone who wants you exclusively for themselves. They are trying to remove you from the person you love in order to lead you towards them. This situation is out of your control and it’s causing real misunderstandings in your relationship. You have tried making a deal with this person so that they will get out of your life once and for all, yet they continue to compulsively set upon you. This situation is very delicate and you’ll have to show much care so that it doesn’t degenerate. In this case, nothing is easy and firmness is required. However, your inflexibility will have to be extremely restrained because your total and definitive liberation depends completely on the goodwill of others.


You are trapped in a period of uncertainty. You tend to reach hasty conclusions and you no longer know if you are right or wrong. You are disappointed (or dismayed) by your own behaviour (or your own choices) and you live in an almost permanent state of doubt. In fact, you need someone to take care of you. You tend to isolate yourself, while you need to talk (socialise) (people to talk to you). You need to stop being alone with your thoughts. You need more human contacts (or a more specific human contact). Currently, what you urgently need is a flower. Somebody wants to communicate with you through a flower. This person is someone you’ve recently lost (death) (in recent years or months). You know exactly who it is, because this flower has a special significance as much for you than for him/her. With regard to your moments of uncertainty, nature will be able to guide and support you. Move closer to nature and you will feel its benefits. Life is often a tough adventure, but don’t worry because you’re not alone. Can’t you feel something? Are you that flower?

A romantic surprise is to be expected. A young person wants to invite you to do an activity with him/her. This person is playful and sporty (or really likes outdoor activities or physical training). He/she wants to be closer to you, but this makes him/her very uneasy. He/she is very intimidated by you (by your charisma) and this explains his/her ambivalent and hesitant behaviour in your presence. In fact, his/her attraction for you is such (extreme nervousness, great insecurity) that he/she prefers pretending in front of you rather than to try to convey his/her true thoughts (or feelings). In the coming weeks, his/her approach will be very impressive and you will not be able to remain indifferent in the face of the monumental effort that he/she will make in order to invite you (directly or indirectly) to this activity with him/her. Prepare to be very surprised and very touched by his/her initiative (or proposal).


The schemes of a man in your circle are causing great confusion. His actions are having (negative, deplorable, harmful, etc.) consequences, and those closest to him are the ones who are suffering the most from them. This man is younger than you, and he is close to someone you are related to. He is a jealous man, and he talks a great deal without considering the true impact of his (insulting, hurtful, upsetting, threatening, etc.) words. He acts on impulse and creates disorder. He is currently unable to adapt to a new situation, and he is generating a great deal of uneasiness around himself. One day or another he will have to begin acting more maturely, because his thoughtlessness is causing conflicts. There is no doubt about the fact that he will have to change his attitude. Otherwise, he will soon be rejected.

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2005-2020 (1)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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