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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
Cartomancy adapted from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday December 10, 2019 - Certified website

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You must wait for the right moment before confiding a secret to a friend. This friend is of foreign origin, but not necessarily from very far away (other town, surrounding region, etc.). You have something to reveal to him/her (or personal information to transmit to him/her), but you cannot do it now, as he/she is not ready to listen to what you have to tell him/her. So you must wait a while. A more favourable situation will come later and you will be able to speak to him/her and reveal your secret. When the moment is right, you will feel it.
Your way of being and your lifestyle do not go unnoticed. Somebody has noticed you. This is someone of the opposite sex who is barely older than you. This person is impressed by you and intends to contact you in a more formal way. You will therefore have a private meeting with him/her. This meeting will be favorable to you and it will allow you to progress in your personal journey (in your way of thinking and of considering your future.) This person will inform you of a fact of which you are unaware and which will have a decisive impact on a decision which you are preparing to take on the professional level (work, business, education, justice, healthcare, or other). More specifically, it is a question of new responsibilities for you (new job, promotion, new project or contract, professional or educational reorientation, or start of a more independent work). In short, this person will allow you to showcase yourself on the professional level and a new (very serious) opportunity will be offered to you.
You are at the beginning of a journey and everything is possible. Contradictions may still be reconciled if you show ingenuity and open-mindedness. You can go on with your project with confidence as long as you resist recklessness and trivialization. Since everything is possible, you are in charge of making sure that everything progresses favourably. You are the key person in the events to come and your intelligence and your good decisions in the short term are what will show you the trend that your long-term project will follow. Thanks to your great imagination, a great number of choices and opportunities will become available to you. You will have the opportunity to have fun but you will need to remain serious at all times. Your attitude and curiosity, together, are what will bring you the wonders you seek but you will have to measure your initiatives so that they can remain enriching for many years to come.


Somebody is going to make a declaration of love to you. It will be done with a great deal of embarrassment (discomfort, unease). You have no intimate connection with this person but he/she is nonetheless deeply in love with you. You know him/her well and already know that he/she has affection for you, but not to this degree. This declaration of love will be made in a moment of anguish and in a very tormented manner. This person is very intimidated by you and has a lot of difficulty speaking to you about his/her feelings (especially those concerning you). Moreover, his/her declaration of love will totally fail. This person will be very embarrassed by his/her clumsiness. We are speaking here about a person who is very sensitive on the emotional level and who is undergoing a real nervous shock following his/her blunder. He/she will deliberately distance himself/herself from you after his/her gesture, because he/she will feel the need to escape from reality for a while.

This concerns a sustainable success in your life. This success is specific to a particular field. Even if you have difficulty in reaching your goals with regard to some of your dreams, in other words, there is a field in which you will succeed and in which you will stand out from the others. We are speaking here about an activity that you engage in or a way of working that is your own. You really have a prodigious talent and you demonstrate it in what you do. Indeed, it is your talent that will allow you to realise your dreams, so you need to stop doubting yourself once and for all. If you stick to what you do best, you will be a leader or a star in your field. You already excel, and so you will impress people a lot in a few years time. Your fame will clearly be your glory and people will certainly want to learn all about you.


You will have a positive answer to a wish for love. The person that you love sincerely wants to make you happy and he/she will work very hard to make your dream a reality. He/she knows your wishes and he/she wants to surprise you. He/she really wants to fill you with happiness and his/her goodwill makes no doubt. However, you will have to let him/her act freely, without requirements or conditions, and not push him/her in his/her initiatives. This person loves you and he/she will prove it.

A neighbour (male) is facing failure in matters of love. This man is intelligent and has decision-making power in his professional environment. He is meticulous, but this sometimes becomes almost an obsession. He is continually seeking bargains. Sometimes (in a particular context), he may even display very intriguing behaviour. His wife would like to continue living with him but she no longer loves him. This man has done something that has deeply shaken his wife (a sense of betrayal). This couple's love relationship will quickly deteriorate. Money is involved. An obligation (contract, legal liability or informal commitment) to be respected (regarding this man) is also involved. The woman will leave. You will be somewhat drawn into this turmoil (against your will), so be careful not to involve yourself more than is necessary. Do not be afraid of refusing a request or a favour because you really do not have to associate yourself (participate, collaborate, etc.) with something that is against your moral (or spiritual) values.


A person has an extremely shy and discreet demeanor with you. In fact, this person is in love with you and you do not know it. He/she is about your age (or maybe slightly older). The effect that you have on him/her is very serious, but he/she does not seem to have enough self-assurance to initiate an in-depth conversation with you, or to communicate clearly (verbally or otherwise) what he/she feels for you. You do not know him/her well, but he/she knows you more, because he/she often secretly observes you. This is somebody who you know from work, or because of your work. Either this person works in the same building as you (office, store, workshop, etc.) or you meet him/her on your way to work (cafe, bus stop, etc.) This is someone who (through his/her work) has a position of authority on a more or less important group of people. This is somebody intelligent and helpful who is financially comfortable. Visibly, he/she is beating around the bush to get your attention, and it is not really succeeding for him/her.

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