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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday February 23, 2020 - Certified website

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A decision by a person in your entourage will put into question a project to which you are very attached. There is a clash between your long-term aspirations and the ambitions of another person. This is on the professional level. This means that you will have to go into competition with another person. This competition is not necessarily associated with a job, but if you are working, it will probably be for a promotion or a new position. Nothing indicates that you have to abandon your plan, but rather you must redouble your efforts if you want to achieve your aims. More specifically, you had better specialise more on your expertise in order to stand out from your rivals (this person in particular). You must make choices because you have strengths and weaknesses. Some tasks suit you better than others, so it is better to focus on what you do best.
You are going to visit someone abroad. This is a man who is older than you are. He is a long-time friend. Despite the distance, you are very much linked to each other. This is a man who is connected with the legal profession (who does not accept injustices or who fights against social inequality). In the past, he allowed you to become a different person (someone better) (positive changes). He is a good orator and he is outspoken. He is sensitive and could also be considered as a philosopher. He is an excellent therapist for the soul. The relationship you have with him is more spiritual than physical or material. This man is like an idol to you. You really want to see him again. You have wanted to make this journey for a long time. It will be a quick journey, but it will be extremely intense on the emotional level. You will enjoy your journey and you will go through an incomparable experience with this man. This journey will remain engraved in your memory.
You are going to meet a person who believes that he/she knows you. However, he/she does not know you at all. So why this feeling? We are talking here about a person who has a great affinity with you. A conversation will be established and a bond of trust will quickly be created between the two of you. This person works with people (the public). His/her work is to help people who are in difficulty. This is a blameless person who is admired by everyone. There is, however, a void in his/her life (private life). It even seems that you could possibly fill this void. Clearly, this is what this person seems to think. Be careful here, because even if this meeting seems accidental, it has all the characteristics of a twist of fate (providence).


Your thoughts are powerful and your wisdom is undeniable. You are a person of extreme kindness and you accept sacrifice as an obligatory passage. You have great human values and you are ready to defend them at any moment. Progress and new ways of thinking do not upset your beliefs, because what you have learned does not come from this world. Even if some do not always approve your way of living (or of doing things), you have a free spirit and you can be proud of it. Your faith in something greater is unshakable, therefore you will be able to overcome all your ordeals, without exception. Your strength (mental, psychological, psychic) is extraordinary and only the will of the Divine will be your limit. Your place is amongst the greatest and in the hereafter you will be welcomed as a hero/heroin.

It is a question of a woman and an agreement (written or verbal contract). In order to conclude an agreement with a woman, you must set your conditions. This woman is foreign to you and around the same age as you. She is intelligent, but scatty in her approach (perhaps just her appearance). Despite everything, your relationship is amiable and benevolent. If you act prudently and professionally (very conscientiously) (if you do not hesitate to ask questions), you will gain great satisfaction from this agreement and you will avoid problems later (forgotten or underestimated details). In this contract, you must thus impose your own conditions, because they are legitimate and fundamental. This agreement will be favorable for you (or at least fair).


A woman you have helped is causing you harm. She is older than you are and you assisted or supported her during a period of intense work. She was overloaded and you generously helped her out. She had too many things to do at the same time and she did not know where to put her attention. Without your help, her situation would really have been problematic or even downright catastrophic. She had to move away from it and you took care of her most important things. Members of your immediate entourage even accused you of doing too much to help her. Yet it is they who were right because this woman now denigrates and despises you. She thinks that everything is due to her and is in no way grateful to you. Worse still, she says it was her that helped you out and she speaks against you behind your back! She really has a wicked tongue and is insolent. Understand that you are absolutely not indebted to her and do not have to account to her at all. You have obviously a lesson to learn from all of this: Being helpful is good, but acting wisely is even better.

A woman (a partner, associate, employee or other) is not the correct person. Here, this is about a shifty woman. She is only looking for power and privilege (the easy life). She is not at all honest with you (no loyalty or fidelity). She uses (or she is seeking to use) you to achieve her ends (domination, wealth, material comfort). As much as possible, you will have to dissociate yourself from this woman (from her actions and ambitions). There is a complete incompatibility between you and her. Your association with her is clearly doomed to failure. Your relationship with this woman is (or will continuously be) a source of frustration. This woman does not want to collaborate with you. She has other concerns (ambitions) that have absolutely nothing to do with you. You have objectives that are diametrically opposed. You: cooperation and mutual assistance. Her: opportunism and indifference.


A false start is the source of a disappointment. You must remain confident because it’s only misstep. The person with whom you went through this false start must stay with you. You mustn’t judge him/her based on the events that have just occurred. Something inevitable took place and it could have happened to anyone. Stay brave and your hopes will soon be fulfilled. A difficulty will be overcome and this error will quickly be forgotten. Your interactions with this person will evolve and will reach a level that is higher than you imagine. Your long-term relationship is set to grow and to become wonderfully harmonious. Your relationships will lead you both towards definite professional success. As a team, you’re more than simply functional; therefore it would be a mistake for you to separate.

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