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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Thursday January 23, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :73%            Your HEALTH indice :73%
Your MONEY indice :95%            Your WORK indice :93%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :98%            Your HOBBIES indice :96%
GLOBAL :   88%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   78%

You will have to work hard to achieve what you want, but you will realise your dreams. Yes, you will live through moments in which your worries will be persistent, but you will overcome them. Yes, you will pass through great anxiety but you will come out stronger. Obviously, you will sometimes be confronted with personal attacks, but no-one will come to destroy your morale, because you are worth much more than that. Here, a woman tries to demoralise you or prevent you from realising a project. This woman is a former friend. She is even determined to go to court to discredit you. Her accusations are serious because she accuses you of having destroyed her love life. But, is it really you that is the problem? Certainly, you are not perfect, but are you really guilty with regard to her misfortune? This woman is in a problematic relationship and claims you are responsible for her troubles. You let yourself, perhaps, be led a little too far or implicated in her misadventure, but do you really have a lot to blame yourself for? No, you assuredly do not, because this woman is spiteful and quite simply incapable of taking responsibility for her own faults. Her jealousy is excessive, so do not dwell on her accusations. She does not agree to see people that are more loved than her, so ignore her as she has nothing positive to offer you. You deserve your happiness and you will gain it. Nobody has the right to claim it for you and nobody will have access to it apart from yourself. Think above all about those you love and you will quickly understand that you have far better things to do than worry about people who do not appreciate what they have.

You will have to avoid or protect yourself from an influential person who, through his/her ambitions, has great power against you. This is someone who might try to trick you (to bring you to make an excessive or totally unnecessary expenditure). This person is frustrated by an event that happened recently in his/her life, and he/she is looking to take revenge on someone else (an innocent or vulnerable person) (who has nothing to be ashamed of) in order to meet his/her need for aggression. As such, if you have a transaction to conclude with him/her soon, he/she will certainly try to make you spend more money than is necessary (or make you lose money) (profit from you). What this person has lost recently, he/she wants to get it back at somebody else’s expense. So, you will have to be careful not to be his/her victim (be at the wrong place at the wrong time). Be vigilant, and everything should be fine.

You are in need of points of reference to orientate yourself in your amorous relationship. Things repeat themselves in cyclical fashion, and they always announce an event that you are in a position to foresee. You can dominate if you learn to adapt, and you have the ability to amass a large amount of money if you manage to dominate. You have the possibility to get rich doing work from home, and you need to assure yourself that your love life will not be a hindrance to your financial success.
A woman will bring you much affection. Her consolation will be rich with respect and sincere words. It is an event in your personal life which will encourage you to open up to her and you will have her full support. It is a very close friend. Your relationship with her, which lasted for a long time, is as much favorable to her as you. This woman is a very kind woman on the human level and is highly committed to you. Her link with you is so strong, that she almost always feels your pain and your moments of insecurity even before you confide in her. Here, your conversation will have an issue about money and a summons to appear in court. You will have to appear before a judge or judicial officer (lawyer, notary or other). One or more children are also involved. It is probably a question of a divorce or a final breakup with someone who will no longer be a part of your life. You will have to act in such a way that a difficulty will turn in your favor. Your friend will help you to find the most appropriate and less stressful solution for you. You will go through this whole ordeal together. *(In some rare but possible cases, it is about a death, and not about a divorce or a breakup. So in these circumstances, it is about testamentary succession than of money and justice.)

You are well surrounded. The people that are around you are of great importance. Your thoughts are channeled toward them most of the time. There is also an exchange of knowledge between you and them. You learn a lot from the people in your entourage. Communication is harmonious and the information circulates well. In addition, you have a particular link with a woman of foreign origin whose astrological sign is Taurus. Both of you are attracted to a return to nature. You even share a secret connected to nature. This secret is well kept and is only reserved for the two of you. Your desire for the earth and vegetation is really fascinating. On your side, sometimes you feel uprooted from nature and that causes you anxiety. This woman who is of foreign origin has already experienced violence in her marital relationship or within her family. She has distressing things to tell you. She wants to confide in you because you reassure her a great deal. Key concepts: brook, countryside, carefree passion, the other side of a situation, torture, secret not to be revealed, grief, friendship, Tuesday night, month of June.

A piece of information is incomplete. A woman (a close friend) is not telling you everything about her romantic situation. She is not deliberately lying to you, but she is hiding something that makes her uncomfortable. She is ashamed of something. She would like to talk about it with you, but she is afraid that you will judge her badly. You will have a frank discussion with her and you will be able to help her. You will get the explanation you are looking for regarding the strange (bizarre, unusual, confusing, changing, etc.) behaviour which she has been displaying for some time. This woman is in a position that makes her very uncomfortable in her love life and she has difficulty confiding. She is about your age, and she needs psychological help. She is anxious and it affects her health (physical and mental). She feels dirty (humiliated, dishonored). She needs to talk to you. For her, your meeting will be (in some way) a therapy. Key words: conjugal life, sexuality, intruder, obscenities, degrading habits, inappropriate behavior.
You are currently confronted with an internal struggle that is exceedingly difficult to overcome. You need to fight against a negative impulse that drives you to take a direction opposed to the happiness that is destined for you. This struggle is subconscious but it is concretely reflected in your everyday activities and in your relationships with your closed ones. An action failed and you are set to repeat the same gestures that drove it to its failure. You must understand that you must not persist in this mistake, even if you have invested a lot in your task. It’s better to abandon it and lose everything now that to continue on this mistaken path and increase or accumulate the losses or the troubles that you will have later. This situation is strangely similar to that of a compulsive gambler that tries to recover all the money lost. Therefore, the sooner you put an end to this situation, the easier it will be for you to return to the path of the pleasures in life.

You work too much. Possible situations: Either you do too much overtime, you have two jobs, you work and study at the same time, or else you devote your time off to personal activities that require as much time or energy as a full-time job. In short, you are working a little too relentlessly and you need to recover. Even if your efforts benefit you or lead you to success, you need to pay attention to your health because you will pay the price later on. Maybe you do not feel it now but you are exhausting yourself more and more each day because you do not rest enough. You need to slow your pace because you are steering yourself toward overwork. You need to rethink your schedule and you must not wait any longer to do it because it will soon be too late. Yes, you can reach all of your objectives without exception, but you do not have to kill yourself in the process.

A dream is being realised. A disappointment in the past (unfounded) will turn into a dazzling success. What you thought was a setback in life will ultimately prove to be one of your greatest assets for the future. Bad luck in the past will in fact be the key to your success. This is because you will now see what you did not see before. You will regain confidence in yourself and you will get to work again to complete a project that you had set aside following a great disappointment. Even if you have been greatly discouraged, you knew you were correct, so you did not have the right to put an end to such a great achievement. The context is different today and you need to pick up where you left off (obligation). You now have more life experience and you know the mistakes you must not repeat. You are a fulfilled person, but in addition you are one of those types of individual who can climb mountains and reach the greatest heights. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed any longer by testing events, as it is these that will cause you to gain in strength and determination. You truly are what you always dreamed of being, so you must not doubt yourself. One of your biggest dreams (huge) will come true, and it will happen before the end of the next three years (First year: Faith, effort and toil; Second: courage and perseverance; Third: divine intervention and supreme reward).
You will have an unpleasant meeting with a woman. This woman will pass through your life. She is suffering from an emotional or psychological scar which makes her a disturbed and extremely unstable person. It is possible that you have met her before, but you do not really know her (or perhaps very little). With her, your kindness and your generosity will not get you anything. In her mind, the concept of good and evil is totally nonexistent (if not strongly obscured by her sickness). This woman perhaps means well, but she does not understand other people, and she is oblivious to her actions. You must not trust her, no matter the reason, otherwise you will regret it. It would be better for this woman to be monitored and treated by healthcare professionals rather than taken care of by generous and compassionate people. She is quite delirious, and it could terribly affect the morale of those around her (her friends, family, and those who wish to help her). Be careful because your generosity and devotion cannot, unfortunately, solve everything. This woman is in no condition to acknowledge (recognize, see, understand, etc.) the sacrifices that she forces on others, so it is you who risks suffering the most if you try to help her (alone, without professional help).

A major change on the professional front is expected soon. You will have to rethink your daily activities in order to adequately track the course of events. You must pay a bit more attention to what others say in order to be well prepared for what lies ahead. You will also have to make a decision in order to avoid troubles that could cause a disruption in your existence. If you are constant and determined, you will make impressive progress on your journey toward adapting yourself to the innovations that will be imposed. You must sign a document and you must assure yourself that you will respect every tiny detail of that agreement with the upmost loyalty. You will therefore find many advantages to keeping yourself informed about everything related to that accord, because if you are conscious about your journey, you will eventually reap a very large number of benefits from this change.

You are closely connected to a marital dispute. Whether you want this or not, you are caught in the middle of this relationship dispute. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are directly concerned but you are involved with what is at stake or that you suffer from the consequences. Therefore, it could be about your own relationship or someone very close to you. In the worst case scenario, you could be closely connected to this dispute because you are the lover or the mistress of one of the persons involved. This conflict also involves one or more children. Part of the argument centres around the custody or shared custody of this child or these children. On top of that, this confrontation is not on equal grounds because one of the opposing parties is clearly more advantageous than the other with regard to the financial or material situation. You will receive a proposition. Be careful because perhaps someone wants to implicate you in a scandal and make you look bad in front of the others.

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