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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Thursday April 02, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :65%            Your HEALTH indice :85%
Your MONEY indice :61%            Your WORK indice :67%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :84%            Your HOBBIES indice :94%
GLOBAL :   76%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   83%

Watch out, somebody with bad intentions is trying to make you responsible for an action that you have not committed. An unfortunate (or deplorable) act was committed in your surroundings and its author is throwing blame (indirectly on you) in order to save face. Although this person seems to be of good faith, lies are coming out of his/her mouth. His/her assertions do not make any sense. This person seems endearing, but he/she is opportunistic and ambitious. It will be difficult for you to identify or denounce him/her, because he/she is smart and he/she does everything to avoid compromising him/herself. Be patient, because people will eventually understand that you are absolutely not involved in this event.

You are currently in a period of your life in which everything must be rethought, and it creates doubt in your mind. The more you think about the situation, the more you feel that everything is going in slow motion and that nothing is happening. Really, you are unnecessarily worried, because actually, you are currently in a period of resourcing. It is essential for you and you have to welcome it (accept it), because you have come a long way and you have to take a break. Relax, because you really have an opportunity to think about your future projects. Remain calm, and you will soon be able to see that your future prospects are much more numerous than what you had thought up until now. Your concentration is at its best and the result of your thoughts will be of a great clarity. This period of reflection will be beneficial for you, because you currently have the ability to properly analyze the opportunities available to you and to see well those which will be really favorable for you with time. What’s more, you are living through an introspection that was destined and necessary for you, because you are at a crossroads in your life’s journey that is unavoidable on the spiritual level. Like a good driver, you must refill your tank before going back on the road. Now, you will leave in a few more moments towards your next stage of life. After sunset comes sleep and dreams, the following morning is a new day and a new adventure. A new horizon is revealed to you now, so admire the sunrise, as soon as you are back on the road, everything will be different.

A good financial deal is coming up in connection with your love situation. A man (a friend or kin of the person you love) will make you an offer you cannot refuse. This man will make you benefit from a golden opportunity concerning a very profitable investment. This investment will be within your reach (financial means) and it will help you secure your position in your love life. You don’t know this man much yet but you will be more and more often in contact with him. He trusts you and he will try to strengthen the bond of friendship he shares with you. This is someone who is intelligent and cultivated. This man knows how to recognize good opportunities in business and he quickly becomes skeptical of dubious offers. This investment will ensure the seriousness of your relationship with him, so you won’t have to fear about his good intentions towards you in the future.
A departure is expected in your immediate surroundings. A young woman that you like a lot is about to leave. Even if her goal is not to leave those she loves, her absence will be long lasting. You will certainly be sad, but you will stay in touch. The reasons for her departure are professional (studies, work, healthcare, or other) and have no connection with her social links (family, friends, community, etc.). For her, this is an opportunity to grasp, because that chance will probably not come again. She is thus leaving both happy (for this opportunity) and sad (to leave her family).

You will win a great victory. This victory will be closely linked to your love life and to your enjoyment of life in general. You will have to be intuitive and make a quick decision. You will prepare yourself for some bad news, but events will take a completely opposite course. It will have something to do with beauty and love, but also with money and art. In space-time, these events will take place shortly after a funeral you will attend. From that moment on, you will clearly enter into a period of abundance in your life. This abundance is primarily on an emotional level. Gentleness, tenderness and joy await you and will permanently take hold in your everyday life. You will reap what you sow, i.e. the instinct of happiness and satisfaction of a finished piece of work.

Someone will share a secret with you. Someone around you will entrust you with a secret and will ask you to remain silent about what he/she will tell you. It will be something embarassing, awkward or compromising. It will be related to an unconventional sexual practice. This person desires you and he/she will tell you. This desire can take different forms but it’s definitely of a nature that can make you feel confused or uncomfortable.
The person you love has an attitude that’s making you lose heart. Stop! Don’t let it make you sick, because it’s only a temporary situation. Yes, you feel abandoned or neglected, but perhaps you’re worrying too much about nothing. Clearly, you’re disappointed by the turn of events, but is it really your beloved’s fault? At the moment, things are unstable and neither of you has control over what’s going on. Here, you shouldn’t think that your beloved doesn’t feel what you’re living (internally). He/she also needs to be reassured, but the thing is that he/she simply doesn’t see things in the same light as you. So, is that an indication that he/she isn’t being honest with you? No, not at all!

A friend, who is a man about your age plays a key role in a project that your are getting ready to realize. You speak with each other often and he knows exactly what you expect of him. He pays close attention to everything you say and he is motivated by a deep wish to fully satisfy you. He knows that you greatly value your independence, and he wouldn’t want you to feel obligated to him. Yet, even if this man demonstrates a great deal of sincerity towards you, your relationship has a hidden quality that this man is committed to keeping secret. Key concepts: earth, watercourse, hesitation, stability, totality, benefiting, gift, money, moving, renewal, Astrological sign of Aquarius, Thursday morning, the month of December.

A negotiation will require the help of a trustworthy person. This is a matter of a promotion or an improvement in your working conditions. Within this negotiation, you have an offer or a proposal to submit and you will have the support of a person with experience to support you in this task. This person will know how to respond to your questions and will be able to guide you towards making the right gestures so that you can achieve your goals. This person is a woman who is slightly younger than you but who knows how to make her adversaries compromise when the situation calls for it. An agreement will be signed and an amount of money will be granted to you.
You will be strongly honoured and receive sincere praise at a meeting or assembly. More specifically, a very close friend or family member (a man) will say wonderful things about you at a public assembly attended by a great many people. Your life path has recently led you to show fearlessness, devotion and charity towards someone* (m/f) in need, and you will be honoured for this. You quickly recognised the urgent need of this person* to be saved and you did not hesitate in coming to their aid. You gave up some of your own personal needs in order to protect them and take them under your wing and, with exemplary altruism, you made arrangements to allow them to have a new beginning. Your solidarity has shown the extent of your humanity, which will serve as an example to others and you will be due heartfelt praise for this (and more). It will be a very moving ceremony where people will show all of their admiration for you. (The person* you saved may also be a family, a group of people, a social cause or an entire community.)

A man is thinking of you. He is younger than you and owes you money. He is a friend (or a member of your family) that you do not see very often. He is endearing and has a fairly orderly life (which may not always have been the case in the past). Your roads have not crossed for some time (months or years). He would like to have more contact with you, but his situation no longer really allow him to do so. Even if he barely sees you anymore, he still continues to think about you. He does not yet have the money to pay you back, so he is ashamed of himself. He is indebted to you and he feels guilty, because he knows that this money is important for you. However, he will eventually acquit himself of his due, even if he is not able to do so yet. He has good intentions and really wants to reimburse you and keep alive the bond of friendship which he has with you. He regularly thinks about you and he has not forgotten you. He will reimburse you, that is his greatest wish.

You have completed a pilgrimage. The road was long and you are far from home. It is now time for you to go back home. You must come back to your starting point and rejoin the living environment to which you belong. Your work has been accomplished and your goal was achieved. You must now move on to something else. Someone loves you and awaits your return. You must leave the world in which you find yourself now, because a new life awaits you. You are a person with a free and sound mind and you know now that you are at the end of your way and that you can not go further. Your homecoming is presently expected.

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