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By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday July 14, 2020 - Certified website

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Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada



Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :79%            Your HEALTH indice :75%
Your MONEY indice :89%            Your WORK indice :90%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :84%            Your HOBBIES indice :79%
GLOBAL :   83%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   84%

The next day of the full moon will herald a momentous event that will take place in your love life. An individual (m/f) that you love will try a totally new (unusual) approach with the aim of attracting you toward (or keeping you with) him/her. This approach will be like nothing you have previously known with regard to him/her and its destabilizing effect on you will be clearly undeniable. This individual is deeply in love with you and he/she will try to make a grand gesture aimed at showing you beyond any doubt that you are the chosen one in his/her heart. Therefore, you should be prepared for a major declaration or spectacular gesture on his/her part. However, even though this individual has decided to go through with his/her effort, he/she also seems quite anxious in the face of what he/she is preparing to do. As a result, it is possible that he/she will not be altogether in control of the situation and that the chosen moment might turn out to be a bit embarrassing.

A man is being extremely demanding with you. You have a talent (a gift, a skill) (or a peculiarity - physical or otherwise) that most people do not have and this man is trying to abuse it. The situation is not healthy. You cannot keep all of that inside yourself. It is a burden that is too heavy to bear. You have to talk to somebody about it. Clearly, some action is required. If nothing is done, the situation will get worse. You must think about it more, otherwise the longer that time passes, the more difficulty you will have getting out of this trap (mess, vicious circle, etc.). This man has enormous power over you and you need to get your independence (autonomy) back. You are a great artist (or a person who is very different from the others), but this man is an obstacle to your blossoming and he is taking advantage of you. You will be able to demonstrate your talent (gift, skill, peculiarity, etc.) to the whole world, but to do so you will have to break your chains. Your case may involve the justice system (lawyer, judge, court, etc.) and you should not fear using it if necessary. Simply put, you must not tolerate the intolerable.

Somebody is trying to tell you something, but he/she does not have the courage to do so (shame, embarrassment, etc.). This is someone who is tied to you romantically (or who wants to reveal his/her love to you). This person would like you to spend more time with him/her. He/she understands your situation well, but he/she still hopes to see you demonstrate a greater openness in your relationship with him/her. Even if he/she feels helpless to change things, he/she needs you and he/she sincerely wishes to have a private conversation with you. Here, we are talking about jealousy, or something close to it. In fact, you seem to be overwhelmed by your commitments to other people and this person feels left out because of them. However, we are not necessarily talking about selfishness, because in view of the circumstances his/her feeling appears to be quite normal. What’s more, one of you two must soon leave on a trip and you will be separated for some time. For him/her, it is an additional bit of stress to go through and it is probably what is making him/her so anxious currently.
You will elude a trap that has been set for you. A certain man will try to deceive you to create a situation that will harm you. This man is cruel and ruthless toward others. He is demanding and brash with almost everyone. He finds tricking people to be something fun and insignificant. Although his many wrongdoings are often of little importance, they are still hurtful and humiliate his victims. Fortunately for you, you will easily recognize such tricks and will be able to watch out for them. You will be able to guess his evil intentions and counter any adverse action that he intends to make against you.

The gentleness and goodness of someone is essential for you. Someone loves you more than anything in the world, but you do not know this. He/she helped you (or comforted you) in the past, during great distress, but you were not really aware of this, because your mind was turned elsewhere. This person has the ability to put the sun and the stars in your life, but he/she has not often had the opportunity to do this, because you do not seem to have understood how much you love him/her too. Strangely, you do not realize the strength of the bond between you two, and consequently, you do nothing to maintain it. This person does not speak to you very much (or very often), because he/she does not want to impose him/herself in your life. However (unconsciously) you love him/her immensely and one day you will desperately need him/her. Do not search in vain, because this is not the one whom you are thinking of. Do not waste your time in vain quests, because your happiness is very near to you, in your everyday life. You may be miserable today, but you will be filled with happiness tomorrow!

You gave specific directions (or you made a clear request), but somebody persists to do otherwise. This is about a young person (m/f) who doesn’t respect your will. He/she works (or acts) according to his/her own objectives and not yours. You'll need to be more categorical (or more demanding) towards his/her attitude, because you’ll never get satisfaction this way. A procedure must be respected and this person has to absolutely follow it, because it’s an obligation (or a necessity). Whether this person is trying to provoke you (to get a reaction from you) or whether he/she is straight out immature (childish behavior). In fact, this person’s motivations are not obvious. His/her young age is surely implicated but it doesn’t explain everything. Moreover, although this isn’t necessarily the case, this kind of behavior could also be explained by feelings of love. Is this person trying to get your attention? Does he/she want to convey a message that he/she can’t convey otherwise?
You are looking for a person. This person is a woman. This might be consciously or unconsciously. You are fascinated by her. She is your idol, or at least it’s someone who you admire a great deal. This woman is extremely attractive and her charisma draws you in. Your thoughts about her are deep and occupy you while you work or while dealing with arduous tasks. This person is a true source of inspiration for you. A single thought about this woman can make you improve yourself and to do better than ever before, no matter what you do.

At present, you feel a sense of solitude, rejection or exclusion because of a spiritual shortcoming. You don't believe you deserve other people's love, but this is only an illusion you have to surround yourself with in order to distance yourself from your spirit. You can no longer find any sense in your life, which has the effect of creating great material and financial insecurities for you. More specifically, you suffer from an emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you are searching for love or you have recently been in a relationship breakup. It is through your spiritual belief that you will once again find your path. You need help from the beyond, but the idea that such help can exist scares you. Here, your pride and arrogance are your major weaknesses. They prevent you from being spiritually open, which is necessary in order for you to get through this difficult period of your life. Maybe it is because of an old wound that you still carry? Little matter what the cause of your mental block, you must give way to the being which is connected to you. She has the duty to protect you and to guard you from misfortune, but to do this, you must first let her approach you. She alone can enter you to cure you of your suffering and she alone can comfort you in your torment. You must open your soul to her, otherwise you will be gripped by a great anxiety. There is a woman close to you, older than you, and a Scorpio, who has the ability to introduce you to the being which is connected to you. Following many recent deaths in her family circle, she has unconsciously developed a channel of communication with the beyond. Without wanting to, she will help you discover the secret you carry within, and which you share with this being. Key Concepts: lamentation, seed, refinement, hiccup, interruption, secret, unveiling, watercourse, walkers, Sunday, night, month of March.

You are currently threatened by a stress which comes from your immediate environment. Your actions and your thought are often forced or provoked, and have a tendency to distance you from the emotional condition which is your own and normally manages your behavior, your reactions and your good humor effectively and logically. Your reflexes are a bit too quick and are sometimes even completely perilous. This emotional pressure you are experiencing could harm you considerably in your interpersonal relations if you don’t find the means or the energy to free yourself from it or at least to tame it. This stress is really heavy to bear and it is clear that you must absolutely be able to master it. A great accumulation of small harassing details could end up having a very harmful effect on you in the long term if you don’t make a change in your attitude in the short term. In any event, you will have to take care not to injure certain persons who are dear to you because if your reactions continue to be badly handled or badly contained, you will inevitably end up offending friends or people whom you really do not wish to harm.
Here, it is a question of the present time (these days). Desolation, a disappointment, or a certain grief is afflicting you. This affects your progress in your life’s journey and threatens some of the benefits of your recent actions. You need to be strong, because negative emotions settle a little too easily in your mind. You have to drive them out and sort yourself out. You have a major objective (humanitarian action, social support, or otherwise) that means a lot to you and you have to work with all your heart to reach it instead of letting yourself be distracted by thoughts that only confuse you with regards to your future plans. Your inner strength is great and you have to use it. You still have many challenges ahead of you and you have the ability to overcome great challenges (even the most terrible ones), so there is no question for you to let yourself be crippled by dark forces (perverse and twisted entities) seeking to make you doubt yourself. Yes, periods of grief are heartbreaking trials, but they are also life lessons. You must absolutely learn to master them, because you are someone on whom other rely and on many good things depend. Obviously, the more “pure” you are in the eyes of the divine, the more you will be a threat (an enemy to put down) for these dark forces. So you should not be surprised if they seek to separate you from your path, because you are the kind of person that they fear the most. You deprive them of their scope for action and you frustrate them incredibly, so you should indeed expect them to react. In short, you should not be afraid to go ahead and leave your footprints, because the power that lives inside you is far superior to that of those entities. This power that you have in you is a salutary power and you have earned it (won it) before your arrival on Earth. It will save you, but also many others, because you will know how to use it to save an impressive number of people (both here on earth and in the void that separates us from the divine and its kingdom).

An individual of the opposite sex is bringing unhealthy pressure to bear on you. This person is saying (or doing) things that stress you greatly. He/she wants to get you to do something that you do not want to do. He/she thinks that you owe him/her this service or favor and that you really have no other choice than to accept his/her request. This person is normally very nice to you. He/she is someone who is close to you and who would like to have love (or sexual) contact with you. You are not inclined to satisfy his/her needs and this leads you to have reactions that are as impulsive as they are unpredictable (you become confused in his/her presence). It would perhaps be better for you to distance yourself from this person for a while (if this is possible) (in the hope that he/she will understand your message). In fact, he/she hopes to get you to do something that you could regret a great deal (for a long time). Here, it is a question as much of your psychological as your physical integrity. This person is about your age and he/she want to give you something in exchange for this service or favor. It also seems to be about a workshop, a studio, a garage, a storeroom or of some other place of this type (a place with little natural light). Be careful, for you must avoid doing something against your will only to satisfy this person.

Your professional life is affecting your love journey. Be careful not to neglect the person you love. You must re-evaluate some of your projects because the person you love sometimes feels neglected when you take a new professional decision (work or business). You are an ambitious person and obviously you want to ensure your long-term financial security, but you are also someone who needs to be happy in love. You probably do not have to reconsider your life choices, but if you gave yourself a little more quality time with your loved one (or even your family), you would realise how important you are to those you love. So even if you think you are sufficiently there for them, make sure you actually are there for them at the moments they most need you. Keywords: Professional success, love, family, balance.

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2020 (1)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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