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Cartomancy adapted from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday December 10, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :61%            Your HEALTH indice :90%
Your MONEY indice :71%            Your WORK indice :75%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :82%            Your HOBBIES indice :97%
GLOBAL :   79%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   74%

Someone of the opposite sex is working hard to ensure your comfort and your well-being. This person has you in his/her heart. He/she wants to know that you are safe, not only personally, but also financially and socially. Here, it is about love, compassion, and tenderness. This person loves you with a sincere love and you can trust him/her. In fact, he/she is waiting for (or hoping for) your consent to do something (important) that concerns you directly (personally). A large sum of money is at stake. This person has great respect for you, and as such he/she will not act without your permission (agreement, consent, or approval). You will be loved, pampered, and sustained.

A person (m/f) in your family has a prominent place in your thoughts. Your emotional ties with this person are invaluable and they will strengthen even more in the coming years. This is a person who is older than you and who has children. He/she has the virtues of kindness, benevolence and great generosity (human). He/she has a great deal of affection for his/her loved ones and (where necessary) he/she does not hesitate to make the greatest sacrifices (personal) for them. He/she does not live with a lot of money, but his/her courage and seriousness make him/her very brave when facing life's trials and challenges. This is a person who works very hard to achieve his/her goals and to get everything he/she needs. Everyone has a great deal of respect for him/her, because he/she is an example of determination and perseverance. Your renewed emotional bond with this person will be comforting and beneficial to you. It will fill you with a new energy. This person has a lot to bring you on a human (spiritual) level and you will spend extraordinary moments with him/her. This person has a transcendent soul, which makes him/her a person who can heal people (physically and psychologically) by his/her mere presence. We are talking here of healings related to supernatural (or divine) activity which manifests in an unconscious manner through this person.

You will need to be diplomatic. A conflict needs resolving through dialogue and negotiation. This concerns a young woman. She is a member of your family (direct or indirect) (or she is intimately tied to your family). She has a disagreement with a young man. It is about money and intolerance. Your experience (of life) (wisdom) will serve as your teaching. You will have a long discussion with this young woman. Even if she is in conflict with this young man, she loves him and does not want to lose him. It is a painful path that they (she and he) had to cross. In this situation, innocence and youth are clearly involved.
The sincerity of a person (m/f) who says they love you is doubtful. This person seems to appreciate you more for practical (or financial) reasons than a real emotional attachment. Moreover, many clues indicate that this person cares very little for you and that you know it. In this case, your sensitivity is your weak point. This person knows how to use you in order to manipulate you. You are possibly too tolerant of these doings, which are frankly selfish. Also, there is the issue of a transfer of money from one person to another. Is it yours? To avoid problems, it would probably be better if you lead this person to show their consideration for you more concretely. You must be aware that promises are no longer enough. You need to demand real and immediate actions. Although this person tends to always postpone commitments they have made, you’ll obviously need to ask yourself the question of whether they really intend to respect their oath. Promises can sometimes hide a terrible lie… So, don’t be taken in if you don’t want to prolong an uneasiness that is growing every day and which likely has no chance of being beneficial, no matter the (emotional or monetary) investment you will place in it. In the present context, this person represents fire, whereas you are the city. As a result, be careful and don’t let this person light the city on fire, because fire is devastating. City = resources, solidarity, cooperation and security. Fire = indifference, waste and destruction without pity. In sum = desolation and obliteration of dreams.

Trouble is coming into your surroundings. A man around your age is in a precarious financial situation. This man is agitated and he is looking to flee. He made a dubious transaction and he has a significant reimbursement to face. He has many obligations towards others and he will not be able to hold his promise to you. His troubles are not close to ending and he is seriously contemplating getting out to start a new life elsewhere. Do not lend him any money as you will lose everything. This man has intentions that seem dishonest. Even if he does not deliberately wish you harm, he is lying to you. Do not trust him as he will betray you to save his own skin. This man will soon disappear and you will not see him again. He will leave enormous debts behind him so, as much as possible, make sure that you are not one of his victims.

Dark thoughts are coming into your mind. You must reclaim ownership of your means and not let yourself be overcome by these worries that don’t have any place in your existence. Your cognitive process is deviating away from its optimal dynamics and you need to start thinking clearly again. Even if this task is difficult, you must make the necessary effort because no one else can do it for you. This phenomenon is sequential and it must be stopped. You must act and reclaim control of your destiny now because, if you wait too long, you will no longer be able to go back. A man born under the astrological sign of Cancer has the power to help you in your quest. He has a very good psychic balance and he is capable of supporting you in this process. Key words: factory, earth, person from the past, affective wound, tolerance, support, worries, lots of love, realization, breakage, Thursday, night, November.
A piece of advice is unwelcome. A depressed person wants to advise you but his/her vision of life is very pessimistic (dark thoughts). You need to ignore what this person tells you because his/her advice has no connection with your world. He/she does not understand what you are experiencing and prevents you from having a real overview of your situation. Moreover, this person dramatizes everything. There is absolutely no question of life or death here, and even less question of imagining one’s own death. You do not, therefore, have make such a radical move for a problem that is only temporary. You are being influenced badly and it is this that is your main problem. Your life is not a failure and it never has been. Even if it is a question of justice and social constraints (or even health problems), you are a person who is totally free to act as you wish and you are entitled to a decent life. Maybe you have made a mistake, but who has never made a mistake? If, through the intermediary of this person, you are advised by a fallen angel, it is clear that you must not listen to what he/she tells you. Stand up and be proud of what you are. You are somebody who is extraordinarily strong (inwardly) and you do not have to allow yourself to be disheartened by what you do not control. Your courage (your vital energy) has no limits and you know it. Did you really forget this?

An exasperating person is spreading false rumours about you. This is a woman who is a part of your "forced" surroundings. In other words, you are forced periodically (because of the context) to have contacts or talks with her. This woman continuously berates others. She spends a lot of time talking disparagingly about others, and, most often, it is about people whom she barely knows. She spreads preposterous rumours with the sole purpose of attracting attention. You have to watch out for her and avoid talking to her too much, because she manipulates information. She distorts the truth in a very clever and extremely disconcerting way. The more you will speak to her, the easier it will be for her to make up offensive stories about you.

There will be a “human” change in your abode. Someone will to move in with you (or really near you). This is a someone who is about the same age as you are. This person is likely to move into your house (or apartment) or else into a house very close by. It is, however, possible that it is you who will move in with a friend or member of your family. Whatever the case, this change in your abode will meet a personal need and it will be a happy one. You will become closer to a person who occupies a special place in your life and for whom you have a lot of affection. You both have a great influence on each other and your cohabitation will be harmonious. It will be a blessing as much for you as for him/her.
Your intuition is correct and you will have access to hidden knowledge. Your inspiration will guide you toward glory and your reputation will be great. The rewards will be numerous and you will be protected from evil spirits. A man will help you in your search. In astrology, this man is a Capricorn. He is influential and at the professional level, will bring you luck. Your first meeting with him will take place, a Tuesday evening in the month of December. It will be in the countryside, during a popular gathering.

You need to worry about your savings. Your current financial condition is unable to support you in case of an unforeseen event. You must straighten out your situation. You have the will, but you fear the solutions are too radical. You persistently question your most important decisions and you tend too much to change things that are not worth the trouble. You have a long-term family project and you truly wish to make it happen as quickly as possible. In this sense, you have to understand that you must not base all your hopes on the lottery for the fulfilment of your future plans.

You are very interested in the fate of a friend who is overwhelmed by events. Even if he/she has done nothing blameworthy to deserve what is happening to him/her, his/her situation is very unfortunate. You are a very valuable moral support for him/her, and he/she greatly appreciates the comfort that you bring him/her. In addition to being very close to you, this person has a "symbolic" place in your life. He/she has something special that others do not have, and you feel very concerned by what he/she is living through. Your love for this person is unconditional and, if necessary (or if you could) you would even be willing to give your life for him/her.

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