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By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday December 10, 2019 - Certified website

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You are in an uncomfortable position due to a person who is in love with you. We are speaking here about someone who has a big age difference with you. You impress this person greatly, so much so that he/she is constantly trying to be with you. He/she wants to invite you to take a trip with him/her, but you cannot accept because the discomfort is too great. It is in a public place that you often see this person. You would love to explain to him/her that a love relationship is impossible between the two of you, but the situation is very delicate. Your heart and your head, in fact, are sending you mixed messages and this disturbs you greatly. You will have a discussion with this person, but this discussion will not further improve the situation. This situation is persistent and will remain so. Your relationship with this person is very embarrassing for you and will become even more so despite your efforts to clarify it. Be careful not to succumb to certain desires that might force you to justify yourself to those around you.
You are currently experiencing a quite exceptional concern at the psychological level. The news that you are getting from a man who is older than you, are tormenting you. This man is part of the environment of a person who is close to you and you feel sensitive towards him (feelings of compassion, affection or other). He is currently experiencing some harsh times with his family (parents, brothers, sisters, children or equivalent). He also seems to be facing a form of abuse from someone. He’s a good and generous man, but people try to take advantage of him because of his naivety or his precarious psychological health. A person is attacking him for a reason that is difficult to justify. There is no doubt that this man has some problems of social adjustment, but he (clearly) doesn’t deserve the treatment inflicted on him. Unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to intervene and this disturbs you. You’d like to take action but you can’t. You will have to overcome this unease otherwise hatred will eventually guide you. Yes, you have the rights to be outraged about this situation, but animosity is not and will never be a good advice-giver. Be reasonable and your instinct will guide you through your questions. You’ll find your answers soon and they’ll be right there where you seek them.

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